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Nova Seafood was established in 2013. It is a commercial company created and run by people operating in the fish sector for several years, however it has the experience of three generations.

Family traditions reach back to the 40s of the 20th century, when Polish settlers started fishing on the Szczecin Lagoon. Today Nova Seafood is a dynamically developing team which ambitiously sets new goals, seeking the best products and solutions for their clients. Although the company focuses their operations on the Polish market, Nova Seafood constantly extends its reach into foreign markets.

Continuous cooperation with recognized suppliers – fishing enterprises among others from Argentina, Chile, Spain, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, Russia, USA – allows us to maintain the leading position in terms of products in our offer. A significant advantage of our company are our own logistics facilities as well as legal and financial support. We are characterized by full commitment and consistency in building partnership business relations and knowledge of the market which constitute the key to long-term cooperation and further stable development.

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  • raw white shrimps, whole with a tail, deeply frozen, glazed
  • cooked white shrimps, peeled with a tail, deeply frozen, glazed
  • raw white shrimps, peeled with a tail, deeply frozen, glazed


Nova Seafood

Jankowiak Kibitlewski sp.komandytowa

ul. Tadeusza Apolinarego Wendy 10B

70-655 Szczecin


VAT: PL 9552351268

Management Board and Purchasing Department

Darek Jankowiak

+48 668 000 032

Łukasz Kibitlewski

+48 668 000 084

Marcin Kiezik

+48 607 140 950

Commercial Department

Grażyna Fengler

+48 668 200 097

Import Department

Mateusz Ignacik
+48 882 457 603

Logistics Department

Grzegorz Bosiak

+48 660 424 500

Administration Department

+48 91 812 11 60

+48 91 886 54 88

+48 668 000 451